Shiny Soft Hair thanks to Serums

If your current hair care regimen does not include a serum of some sorts, I suggest you find one you love ASAP! Why? Because serums can do so many things to help our your 'do, from adding shine, moisture, providing heat protection, UV protection, help strength, and much more. Here are some new serums that have caught my eye and are worth checking out.

Sedu has a brand new product out featuring the ever so popular ingredient, Argan Oil. If you haven't heard about the amazing benefits of Argan oil you must be living under a beauty rock. Anyway, Sedu's new product is a serum, the Anti-Frizz Polishing Treatment that helps get your hair smoother and shinier, while protecting it from heat damage. Sedu is one of the leading heat tool brands, so that part only makes sense, why create a product that doesn't protect from heat? Anyway, I received a sample and I must say I really like it. It's lightweight, a little goes a long way, and it's alcohol free so it won't dry out your hair. Get it at

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Cantu Shea Butter Super Shine Hair Silk is another great option because it not only provides tons of shine, it is also rich in proteins that help strengthen and prevent breakage. Like most great serums, this one is lightweight and won't weigh down your blow out. Plus, it can be used as treatment just like you would do a hot oil treatment. Not to mention this one smells amazing!