Beauty Tips for Blondes

Pastel shades will give a romantic and gentle appearance for blondes. Make sure that your eyes, lips and nails are in the foreground.


A thin line of dark liquid eyeliner will emphasize the bright and dark eyes. If you are blue, green or gray, select the harmony of cold colors, from white to soft pink color, or mallow, crossings with pearly gray and light blue. On the entire upper eyelid, from lash to the brow edge, apply the lightest eyeshadow and in the crease darker shade. Mix them a little with your finger and blend. Finish with black mascara, to make your lashes look longer and thicker.


You have a light complexion? Bright pink, light purple or blue-purple lipstick will fit perfectly.

Give an advantage to lipstick with velvet texture, and then apply a colorless lip gloss - it will you fuller lips, and lipstick will last longer. Lip pencil and lipstick should always be in the same color. With a strong contrast your lips will look smaller.


Try nail polish that is different from the color of your lipstick. Yes, the new make-up of gentle colors allows it. Gray, silver or dark gray ... do not hesitate to try.