Fall Hair Trend: Boho-Chic Short Cut

Garren of Garren New York Salon said that when it comes to daring to go short, “You gotta live it and love it!” Here’s how Garren gave a boyish cut a fashion-forward edge.

« To style a sleek, side-parted cut, hair was separated in small sections with a comb and flat-ironed to give it a light-reflective sleekness.

« “For a smooth finish that adds movement and texture, I like René Furterer Styling Wax,” says Garren. “Unlike many pomades that leave the hair looking dead, the Styling Wax isn’t greasy.” Garren took a dab, rubbed it between the palms of his hands and lightly stroked the surface of the hair, turning a simple short cut into a provocatively androgynous look, ready for the runway.