Benefit B.Right Skincare - A Beauty Break

So I'm sure you've seen the images of the new Benefit B.Right Skincare line or even the products, but today I went to check them out in person. The package looks darling, but I had to see if it was just as darling in person. As I suspected, it's totally cute counter-top space worthy packaging. My boyfriend said if the cork was real it would be even cooler, but alas I was smitten with the collection based on looks alone. Since, I'm not totally sold on the products ability to keep my somewhat temperamental skin under control I was opting for the makeup remover only, but guess what?!? There was a sign that said coming soon where the makeup remover was supposed to be. Coming soon?!? The entire line was there except that item, of course that's my luck so I left with nothing. But ladies, dish... have you tried any of the Benefit B.Right Skin Care Collection yet?

The entire collection includes:

Prices surprisingly affordable ranging from $21-$38