Rock the Look: A Glam Blow Out

For Spring I love flow-y beautiful hair, the experts at blow, the new york blow dry bar, are here providing tips for a fresh Glamourous Blow Out. What makes it glam? The understated retro look, picture perfect for date nights or spring weddings.

1. Apply a golf ball-sized amount of blowPro Body by Blow to damp hair and divide hair into 5 sections using duck bill clips

2. Dry each section with a large round brush. On the final pass for each piece switch the hair dryer to the cool setting to lock in the style and minimize frizz and fly-aways

3. Set hair with hot rollers. After hair has cooled gently break the curls with a brush

4. Work in a dime-sized amount of blowPro Weather Girl for a smooth finish and to keep humidity concerns at bay