Find The Right Nail Shape

Although the shape of the nail is usually chosen according to what we like the most - there are some rules that dictate which nail shape suits best on the individual fingers and hands.

People often judge us by the first impression. A part of it are beautiful and well-kept nails, because it is very important to take care of them. However, it is important to choose the shape of nails, because, in fact, some forms of the nails are better suited for certain fingers and hands. Although the choice of nail shape is a matter of personal preference and style, there are some things that every woman should know and consider before deciding to rectangular or oval nails.

Well-chosen shape of the nail will help your fingers, and palms look nicer and more refined, and this in turn can increase confidence. There are four main types of nail shapes: round, square, oval and stiletto (needle).

Generally speaking, the shape of the nail should look like a thin skin at the base of the nail. Another guideline is to pay attention to the shape of your fingers. Check the form that best suits you:

Oval - looks good on most fingers, especially on short and wide fingers. This form gives the illusion of length, which is great for shorter fingers. This sleek, modern shape always looks great on any woman.

Round - perfect for short nails and those with very active hands, because there are less chance of rupture.

Square - this is as good as a form of balance for long and narrow fingers.

A square with rounded edges - this form looks good on short, wide or long fingers.

Almond / Stiletto (sharpened) - elongate small fingers and small palms. Although it still seems a bit strange - this is a very popular look for your nails.

Here you can find out how to shape your nails and positive and negative sides of each looks:

1. Flat nail with an oval tip - leave the nail to grow straight in length and make it oval in the middle. This shape provides maximum support for the nails and are less likely to rupture. Also, if it breaks you can simply put it in an oval shape.

2. Oval - begin to shape the nail into an oval shape from the beginning where the nail separates from the meat. This form somewhat weakens the nails and is ideal for strong or broad nails because it gives a bit more delicate feel.
3. Rectangular-oval - use the same technique as in an oval shape - just at the end do a square.

4. Round - an ideal format for shorter nails. A nail can grow up to 1.5 mm on the sides and then make it round. This is a powerful form that will be resistant to most of the challenges - cleaning, typing all day ...

5. Square - leave the nail to grow straight in length, and then put it in square at the sides. This is also quite "strong" form of the nails. However, square nails can make your hands look shorter and fatter.

6. A square with rounded edges - as in a rectangular shape, only on the end slightly put round corners. This is a softer variation of a rectangular shape. Flattering look on most of the nail ...

7. Almond - This is a similar shape to oval nails but the end is much narrower. This form is usually not very strong and nails often break - and when that happens you will not be able to fix it but you'll need to shape into an oval shape. The same goes with sharp, stiletto shape - which is more tapered at the top. If you want this form, please go to the nail salon, because they are strong enough to withstand the daily challenges and at the same time remain intact.

Which shape do you prefer?