Men Clothing Style For Spring/Summer 2011

Men's clothing styles for spring / summer 2011
1. A marina jumper -
it could be warmer, but when the sun goes down, it will still be cold. Pick up a medium to thick knit version and keep it on hand for these occasions.

2. A cotton trench coat -
still England secured the rain is coming!

3. A khaki suit -
with the sun begins to show his face a little more, it's time to move out of wool and flannel fabric and in some cotton.

4. Go sockless -
This is my own personal way to determine when spring is here - I want to get your ankles off!

5. An unstructured blazer -
Another important element when it gets a little chilly. By unstructured I think it is a natural shoulder and is not tailored to your body.

6. Colored chinos -
This will really start to pick up the pace in the months to come, believe me.

7. A denim jacket -
See my previous article on this to see why this will always make the S / S list.

7. Patterned pocket squares -
It's not summer quite yet, so you will still be wearing your blazers, jackets and suits regularly.

8. Colorful ribbons -
just check out my article on the shirt and tie color combinations to see how it's done.