Rock the Look: 60s-inspired bouffant

Have a special occasion for get ready for this Spring? Reese Witherspoon’s ‘60s-inspired bouffant is gorgeous for special nights out. The experts over at blow, the New York blow dry bar will help you Rock The Look!

1. Apply 2 golf ball-sized amounts of blowPro Body by Blow into towel-dried hair

2. Blow dry using a medium round brush

3. Using a fine-toothed comb tease hair at the crown

4. Gather the top section of hair into a half up ‘do and secure with a bungee, be careful not to flatten the cushion of volume.

5. Using an embellished comb pin the base of the pony into the center of the cushion

6. Finish with blowPro Blow Out Spray

Or try the look with a low ponytail!