home is wherever i'm with you

in about twenty-four hours i will be back home, in Orange County, visiting my beloved family & friends, and for my big sister SOPHIA'S ENGAGEMENT PARTAYYY. i've kind of been waiting for this day since the day i realized i was going to be living in nyc, after landing my job at 3.1 phillip lim...and then soon after landing my internship at nylon.

a lot can happen in two months apparently. i settled into a cozy nest that my three boyfriends/roommates built on the UWS; found my home-away-from-home-away-from home in SoHo -- the 3.1 phillip lim store and the nylon offices so happen to be one block away from each other. how convenient right?

i snapped a few pictures of each of my spots, so i can show you around to my new zip code. i'm definitely in love with the city and my new life here, but honestly...

home (orange county) is where the heart really is.

daily reminders
view of our movie theatre/dining room/dance stage/my bedroom
etienne the artist
oh you mother chucker

morning shower schedule. i love my roommates!

[the JOB]
i love my cow dress!


greene between prince & spring
office space
the hollywood issue/my first issue!
a small proud moment. :)

  i'll be documenting my OC vacay and will be posting photos of all the FOOD & FESTIVITIES right here on THC as soon as I get back to new york. Til then, I'm going to try oh so hard to not touch my computer/iphone/any means of internet access whilst I am away. It is a VACATION. but most likely I'll break because not being up-to-date with the news (all your blogs) gives me major anxiety. We'll see how this all goes. Until then...xoxo ANNA