velvet: part deux?


i wouldn't normally toot my own horn, but BEEP BEEP. awhile back i was the editorial assistant over at Riviera mag and had the opportunity to write my own articles. from pitching to researching, to writing, to editing, to the final product within the glossy pages, I was a proud, proud woman doing what I loved and being DAMN good at it. 

this clip is from the November 2009 issue, where I talk about the VELVET & DARK MAKEUP trend I noticed on the latest shows. so when I was perusing through the blog today and saw THIS   , I had a bit of a chuckle. Titled "A Velvet Goldmine", they talk about the luscious fabric being en trende this coming up fall/winter season. 

not saying that I was the one who called it. no way. but I must say that I think I am so very fit to be a blogger. since we have the same ideas, and writing style, and utter intelligence in fashion and all...might as well it be considered?

just sayin'.