Strict, Sotto Voce or Just Plain Anti Diva Armor

Considering the Duchesse's post today on "Sotto Voce" style and her previous post on "Strict" style, I thought that I would show you what shoes I am wearing today. Purchased at Barney's many years ago these Italian fatta a mano shoes are a little bit beat up... but they are finally worn in and comfortable. I also have matching pairs in camel and black suede.
I don't know if these fall into the "Sotto Voce" or the "Strict" category in terms of style.
But I will say that my environment is fraught with Divas and I don't deal well with the whole Diva thing. So I just consider these shoes as part of my "Anti-Diva Don't F**k With Me" style.
Someday we can have a further discussion on the semiotics of shoes...