purely amazing.

miu miu + chanel + chloe = ZARA's SPRING 2010 LOOK BOOK.

i think i just died. from the babydoll-collared, allover kitten-printed dress (how MIU MIU is that?!) to the TDF (to. die. for) twist on Chanel's ubiquitous clogs, to the neutral tones of a Chloe-inspired collection of hobo/militaristic dresses, loose pants, & long skirts, I must say that I would wear every single piece. The way we can mix and match all these Spring/Summer trends is so FUN. seriously, who needs to be loud in bright colors and over the top floral prints all the time - it's so predictable! No. Let's keep it fresh and timeless. I've always been a black/grey/white/tan/brown/beige person so you can imagine how psyched I am right now. 

Bravo, Zara. You've made it possible to wear off the runway looks for not the runway prices. L-O-V-E.