N.Y.Seen & Heard

when I think NYC, I think: U.E.S, magnolia bakery, SoHo, MoMA, central park, papaya dogs, momofuku, the Met, and SEX AND THE CITY (among others). 

if you don't know me, I am a hardcore quoter & referencer of SATC. i remember what they wore, i remember what happens after what, and what was said in between. so as naturally as it is to have SJP's voiced embedded in my sound memory, I'm sure that the rest of the world would recognize her voice from a mile away.

hence, the reason why SJP was chosen to be the narrative voice for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's "American Woman: Fashioning a Narrative Identity" exhibit, to open May 5, 2010. A strut down memory lane from 1890 to 1940, SJP (the quintessential American girl) will talk you through the times and trends of fashion's past, from bohemians to screen sirens. 

I've been to the concrete jungle where dreams are made of only twice in my life, and I can't think of any better time than to go while this fabulous exhibit is open. checking prices as I type...

p.s. countdown to satc2: 31 days!!!

photo: poster for SATC2. Carrie Bradshaw in HALSTON.