COCO's got your back


and now for a trend forecast: BACKPACKS ARE BACK. and with a vengeance.

our mom has been an avid, dedicated, and intelligent handbag collector since either of us were born. and I don't know what it is, but she somehow has this 6th sense of predicting what will be IN decades later. either that, or she has very classic taste. take the 2.55's for example. there's seriously shelves full. dare we re-sell them on eBay? hell no.

so when I stumbled upon this classic Chanel black quilted lambskin backpack with gold chain and CC logos.........I was under a hot debate to sell or not to sell. I mean, I can definitely WORK IT, but I think some other lucky lady with impeccable taste would love it even more.

especially when recently I've been noticing backpacks poppin up in the latest shows, including Chanel, Alexander Wang ( 'A' is for 'ANNA'!) , and LV (blah to LV, but in this picture Hov is lookin' pretty fierce with his ostrich). which in turn, makes this a grand opp to re-sell these babies and hopefully make a pretty little profit.

all in the name of fashion! it's time to pay it forward...


thank you & happy bidding :)

photos via theHautecommodity &