they come and they go.

the weekends, that is. too quickly. it seems that every weekend for me consists of either a babyshower, birthday celebration, dinner party, wedding last weekend, all of the above (well almost). and lucky for me, i was able to finally wear some items that i've been saving for special occasions such as these.

i keep telling myself to take some outfit photos for the sake of this blog but to be honest i dont have the patience, creativity or nearly as photogenic as the little sis. so instead, i took some photos of my outfits without me in them! hey i compromised ;)

leather bustier dress: f21
shoes: loubous
earrings: chanel
rings: customized two-finger name ring; vintage
clutch: vintage lv

dress: lia kes new york
shoes: loubous
earrings: f21
rings: customized two-finger name ring
watch: audemars piguet

ps. per the last post, while little sis is a wedge obviously a STILLETO PUMPS type of girl.