Plus size and fabulous

Who says plus size ladies can't be fashionistas? There are a lot of rules to plus size fashion as well as regular fashion but who cares, fashion is about self expression, isn't that what life is about, but even life has some guidelines for us to coexist peacefully with our neighbors, so here are some guidelines (not rules) to those plus size women who love to express theirselves with fashion

Dress for now
First, I believe in dressing the body you have today. Don't wear things that used to fit you or may fit you someday. Dress the skin you're in.

don't be afraid to try something new! Be fearless! We all know what we like, but dare to experiment with new cuts, prints or fabrics. Ease into color with scarves or even a bright lipstick, try accessories like belts or wedges that you might have never considered. See how much there is out there and be willing to try anything (at least once).

Show your curves! Many women are afraid of figure-skimming clothes. Skinnies are great because they do just that… make you look skinny! That's not necessarily the goal, but my point is that drowning your curves in fabric won't flatter you and will only add weight to your frame. Use a scarf for a bold pop of color and a fab heel to elongate your figure and elevate your posture.

Show some skin! Many women want to cover up but showing a little skin is sexy and keeps you cool too. I suggest showing a little leg or a little cleavage, but not all at once.
Get glam! I believe that you can never be overdressed. Don't be afraid to show a little sparkle, add a heel or pump up the lips. Glamour makes me feel put together, ready for anything and ready to run into anyone! Casual clothes are very common nowadays, so look for classic pieces to add to your closet that can be dressed up or down.

Have fun with clothes, though there are limitations, I am not here to spell out do's and dont's of plus size fashion rather to let you know that no matter your size you can still look fabulous, MODERATION IS KEY 

But of course, if she's not here, who will be, plus size and fabulous

Have a lovely weekend dolls!