Men fashion; The art of going sockless

Thanks to the evolution and keen public interest in street style, it feels like every guy and his grandma are going sockless these days. And the reasons for doing so aren’t that hard to see. Sure, it adds a certain amount of sprezzatura to a look but it also allows bit more breathing room for your feet and ventilation for your ankles. However, just because you can go sockless, doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

The Art Of Going Sockless
As with most things when it comes to style, there are a few general guidelines that will help pull off the no-sock look without looking like a peacocking tw*t.

The first of these is to bear in mind your surroundings – i.e. the weather. If it’s blowing a gale and raining outside, perhaps skipping out on those Fair Isle pattern feet warmers isn’t such a good idea? Everyone knows wet ankles are not sexy.

The second is to be aware of where you are heading and is probably the most important of the two. A stylish gentleman always dresses appropriately for his intended arrival. For example, heading down the pub for a few drinks with a couple of friends? Sure, skip those socks you rebel! Heading off to a black tie event organised by your boss with a couple of investment banking firms? Might want to stick those good old navy’s my dear, Knowing where and when to bust out your ankles is everything these days.

But other than those two points guys, why not go without?

Regardless of whether it’s a navy pinstripe suit or some beat up blue jeans and t-shirt combo, going sockless adds a nice little relaxed nonchalant twist to any look. Besides, like Tom Browne said – “ankle is the new male cleavage”. And seriously, who doesn’t like cleavage?

For me, sockless all the way! Not to work though, so what do you say?