Makeup Haul

Last friday I went on a lovely trip down to Balmain for a bit of shopping and lunch. The weather was great and i've was in the mood for a revamp on my makeup collection, so I headed towards the Mecca Cosmetica store and hung out there for a while, playing around with some of they're makeup. I ended up snagging a few goodies to take home with me.
The goodies I picked up from Mecca Cosmetica!

I needed a new bronzer so I decided to pick up and try the 'ready' bronzer from bare minerals. I've never used a product from this brand before, but so far I'm  finding they're bronzing powder working really well on my skin type. The powder has a matte finish so it gives a natural finish on the skin. I've noticed with this product that you don't need a lot of product when applying as the powder is quite pigmented, I'm definitely going to try out some more bare minerals products after the good experience I've had with they're bronzing powder. 
The stila palette 'in the light' is absolutely fantastic! The reason why is purely because the eyeshadow colours are so pigmented and intense for an easy application. I love the shades they chose for this palette, there is such a diverse range of neutral shades, ranging from shimmer to matte finishes. The smudge stick is also great for creating a defined eye look, lately I've been defining my eye crease with it, so I end up with a dramatic sharp finish. 
I've always got great expectations from Nars, they're makeup has always worked well for me and has a long lasting time on the skin. For a while I've been wanting to try one of they're highlighting sticks as i've heard so much hype about them. I picked up one in the shade 'Copacabana', and so far I've enjoyed the finish it has left on my skin. It's a bit too shimmering for a natural look, but it works well for a dramatic night one. the product lasts quite a while on the skin, but does tend to need reapplying after a couple of hours. Overall I would definitely repurchase this product again, as I think the quality of it is worth the price your paying for.
Ive been using the Stila 'stay all day' beauty balm everyday for almost a week now, and I have noticed a difference in my overall makeup when applying it on as a primer. The skin's texture becomes a lot smoother and almost lustrous, with a strong noticeability on the illuminating effect the balm contains. I wouldn't say that it has a HD effect, but it does allow the makeup to sit better on the skin.
Playing around with some of the makeup I picked up!

Stila's eyeshadow is really pigmented and can be built up to create an intense eye look.

Streets of Balmain

The town centre!

The best macaroons in town!

Salted caramel and chocolate brownie macaroons yum!!!

For lunch: Chips and a grilled chicken burger with lettuce, avocado, tomato and mayo.

lovely gardens that belong to the park
Beautiful vibrant flowers fill up the side streets!