Fashion debate... How far are we willing to go

Hi guys its Saturday ands its a debate day, so our topic is how far are we willing to go with fashion

Looks have begun to play more of a part in this competitive world. First appearances are everything, we do not have time for second chances or the ‘get to know you’ phase – any body that lags behind with his image will get left behind.

But despite these new developments, No one can deny that the relaxation of the social attitude has come from the fact that more and more men are taking a keen interest in the way they look and the clothes they wear, but the extent to which individuals immerse themselves in the world of fashion varies quite dramatically

Whilst some can happily spend hours searching through photos of the big fashion shows, always looking to get the next big thing or push their style to another level, others are more interested in creating a consistent and classic image based on heritage and versatility than the trends. You also have people that are very concerned by what they wear, but solve the problem by following the majority – dressing in whatever everyone else is wearing.How far an individual delves into his image – how far they are willing to go to create their perfect idea – depends on the person, but it could well be argued that we are now reaching a tipping point.

As image conscious people are we now taking this modern acceptance for granted, straying too far away from the traditional idea of what makes you fashionable

It's time to think and rethink

  • How far do you think people can go?
  • Has fashion started to push unacceptable boundaries?
  • What is your idea of fashion 
  • How do you think society has dealt with the shift in attitudes? Do you think there actually has been a shift?
  • Do you feel that some people, men and women take things too far