Top 10 Guidelines of Style

Style must be a very personal matter and so should indicate your way of lifestyle and principles. Some are vivid with their taste and some might mostly show what they think is suitable for the event.

When you s looks, successfully, there happens to be thin line. Below given rules will aid you determine right and wrong – pay interest to your intuition.

Men Fashion1. Do not try too difficult. The look should not be pressured but relaxed.
Place comfort before fashion, rather than the other way around. Calm is essential both at the physical and actual stage. A bit might be excellent looking but if it is not comfortable, what exactly is the point?

2. The amazing UN-matching look of placing components that do not actually match, but look excellent together, does not need expertise. Do not go for it, if you are definitely sure of the look.

3. Do not sacrifice quality in creating your personal style. There are certain items in a man's outfits collection, that are worth investing in. A well designed suit or a jacket, will ‘shape’ itself to your body.

4. Always keep in mind there's a time to place for everything. Dress as per the occasion and needed rule.

5. Accessories are the measure of taste. Your scarves, shoes, ties, cufflinks, belts…they emphasize your outfit, so they have to be ideal. Having said that, how can we forget the tie knot. If it’s firm and big, it’s sad!!

6. Twist... a classic piece, looks real fashionable. A whole collection can be created exciting with the play of color, proportion and styling.

7. Wow people with your taste and personality , not your investing energy. Designer outfits are great; they remain you in fashion and up on the current styles, but pick your items depending on how they seem to you, not just for the brand.

8. The basic thumbs rule is to suits your leathers with your leathers and your materials with your materials. Follow to this easy formula by hanging out into the mad, mad world of mismatched attire!

9. Color and jewelry are excellent, seem to be like a Xmas tree is not. This is particularly true for a men's outfits look. Men can carry off color and one should experiment. Jewellery can be outstanding. But going over the top is not recommended.

10. Mens’ outfits should be a mix of technological and innovation. (