How to Get a Hippie Look for Girls

Hippie culture generally connotes freedom against the established norms of the society. Their dressing too is motivated by the same thought. This summer you can easily get the cute hippie look and manage to look cute and stylish. You can easily work on the following points and get a fabulous hippie look.

Hair- Hippie hair generally shows less maintenance. So, you can always try wearing clumsy braids. Natural kinks are always preferable. If you have straight hair, you can plait your hair for a night and leave it for healthy and natural waves.

Headbands- These are considered as one of the most important accessories for a complete hippie look. So, pick some of the most colorful headbands for an exquisite look.

Clothes- Long skirts and baggy jeans looks excellent for a hippie look. But, you can pair up these baggy clothes with a pretty tank top. Long floaty dresses and sarongs are some of the other options. You can always manage to look hippie and yet stylish. Another simple option would be to wear simple vests with light cardigans. This will give a more feminine and gorgeous look.

Accessories- if you are going for a hippie look, do not hesitate to experiment with accessories. Try wearing bold and chunky jewellery. Beaded bags, large sunglasses, dangling earrings and huge bangles looks excellent.

Hair style- for a hippie look, it is always preferable to wear your hair up.
Creative Designs and Patterns- be it your tank top or headbands, you can always experiment with creative designs and patterns. This will connote innovation and your freedom from the societal norms.

Color- Again, it is also advisable to try out a varied range of colors. In fact, bold colors like orange, red, yellow are always preferable.