Clothing Collection for Summer Fashion

Summers are here in its full power and this demands a change in wardrobe. Therefore, people, get ready for a fast wardrobe cleansing.

One of the important factors in men's style this Spring Summer’13 is color preventing – adding bold block shades to make fantastic looks that yell assurance.

Loafing around…..versatile shoes, ideal for relaxing about at a sluggish Weekend situation.

It’s all about big spacious bags this year.

Reinventing the classic men choice of stripes and checks with their own perspective – be it shirts, pants, jackets or even bags.

White suits...must have, but BE WISE!!

It’s the nature cry this spring….linen scarves.

Plaid and thin ties are the neck.

Go international in loose knits.

Braided or rope belts carry out the informal and easiness of the season.

Don’t shed the shades…eye ware.

Olive and baby blue…are the shades of the season. (