A Guide to Wearing Trench Coats

The trench coat is a classic garment that can put in a punch of handsome to any outfit a man wears. This vintage piece earned its name from the protection and mobility it offered to the men fighting in the well-known trenches during World War 1.

But today it’s all over, right from city streets to corporate offices, more as a fashion statement. Burberry, pioneers in this classic piece of clothing, made the first trench coat with gabardine wool fabric that defy the extreme weather days. They came in single or double-breasted military style and were belted, half-belted, or unbelted, depending on the whole look of the ensemble and the place, where it is to be worn. But today, cotton bases are favorite over the old gabardine and wool bases as they are lightweight and comfy.

Trench Coat

Shoulder tabs, raglan sleeves for console are some of the key features, which set up its place integral even in the modernized avatar. The most wanted after colors are the classic beige and khaki which go superlative with a formal look. Black and navy colors are a cutting edge. For a more daring street look, go for a bright tone to a textured base. A distressed pair of blue denims with a rugged washed tee or polo will serve the reason.

A button down shirt, with a trench, is a strict NO.
Vintage ‘D’ ring is still famous in some of the classic pieces. So belt it for that nipped waist, completely buttoned, ending 3-4” above the knee and you are ready with the slick modern version of this vintage clothing. A well tailored cuffed trouser with clean leather accessories and a scarf will entire the group.

The fit of it should let sufficient room to lodge a blazer, pullover or a waistcoat beneath. But be alert! Too much volume will give you a messy look.

For the casual look, single breast goes down really well, while double breast is still the common choice. The trendier version can be shorter. It might be left unbelted, although tying a knot makes it look all the more classy.

Pair it up with rinsed denims. Team it with a solid polo or a casual washed cotton bottom with a washed cotton shirt tucked out. Accessorize with a cross shoulder messenger bag and a flat tweed cap or any other sporting headgear.