The colour yellow

Yellow yellow yellow!!!!  Yellow is the new black do you agree?  Yellow is a really bold color for the fashion courageous, and there are fantastic ways to rock the color, different tones, different shades, different combinations, I believe the color brings out a sunny side of you, there's never a dull moment with the color yellow, here are a few ideas for rocking the color

A chic yellow blazer is a way to go, paired with neutrals or black, for those who want it to be a pop of color, by the way blazers are never wrong, they are so versatile, you just hv to love Em

Yellow dresses are chic and fun and playful, Rita Dominic and Genevieve nnaji have rocked and and we were loving them, the just have a way of drawing attention to you, if you love attention, you love yellow



Need I say more? 
Rock the color yellow in all it's glory and shine bright like a diamond today

The weekly challenge is still on till Friday, send in your pictures, I have gotten good feed back and am really grateful to all of you who hv sent in your pictures. See y'all Friday