How to achieve fuller eyebrows with natural remedies

This topic was on request from one of my avid readers, and when she asked how to get naturally thicker brows, I had to look around for answers, plus I thought to share with you all....

Unmade eyebrows tend to hide the perfect features of a beautiful lady… especially since, time and again it has been said that eyebrows complete our facial looks. Righty done eyebrows help us accentuate the desired appeal on the face. Depending on the facial structure, some would prefer to keep their eyebrows thick, while some would prefer it to be thin.

However, when you go with deeper and thicker eyebrows, it will highlight the beauty of your face, thus giving you the freedom to shape them in a desired manner plus the required definition. And this is one of the reasons as to why most women crave for thicker eyebrows.

There was a time when pencil thin eye brows, which were neatly shaped, dominated the fashion industry. But now thick eyebrows are now back in vogue, and can be seen sported by a lot of women on fashion runways and silver screens. Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn and Jennifer Conelly are few of the hollywood actresses known to sport natural eyebrows, which also made them look gorgeous and young.

Lot of fashion makers say that ‘more natural the eyebrows reflects more beauty and youth’.

Let’s find out natural ways in which you can achieve thicker eyebrows, especially in a hassle free manner.

Natural remedies on how to make eyebrows thicker:

Natural remedies to make thicker eyebrows are said to be effective, safe as they do not cause any side effects. To get more hair growth on your eyebrows, follow these simple tips:

1. Castor Oil:

Castor oil is a very old and a tried and tested remedy to get thicker and prominent eyebrows. It is inexpensive and is easily available in the market.

All you need to do is take a little castor oil on your fingertips and apply directly on to your eyebrows. Leave this overnight and wash off in the morning. You can witness possible changes in about 3-4 weeks of time.

2. Vaseline:

Vaseline brand owned Vaseline petroleum jelly is claimed to be effective in thickening of the eyebrows as it helps condition and moisturize the area, thus helping you keep your eyebrow hair straight and firm.

Take small amount of Vaseline petroleum jelly and apply on and around your eyebrow area 2-3 times every day. In a month’s time, you can see positive results, thus boosting your chances of enhancing your natural beauty.

3. Coconut Oil:

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Well known for its properties in boosting hair growth, Coconut oil for eye brows is yet another solution. This will help speed the hair growth on your eyebrows along with offering thick hair, which further will help you shape better.

Apply some coconut oil directly to your eyebrows and leave overnight for best results.

4. Onion Juice:

Fresh onion juice, when applied on the eyebrows, will help stimulate new hair growth. Onions are high on sulfur, and are known to increase blood circulation in the area.

Important Tips:

Sometimes, deficiency of Vitamins can hamper hair growth. So its beneficial to eat foods rich in Vitamins B, C, E and H (Biotin) or also to take multi-vitamin tablets/capsules after seeking doctor’s advice.

Consume at least 8 to 10 glasses each day. This will help you flush out all the toxins from your system.

Avoid picture perfect threading of eyebrows, as it sometimes ruin the natural eyebrow shape.
Avoid too thin eyebrows as they will require frequent waxing or threading, thus loosening the skin around the eye area.
If you have naturally thin eyebrows avoid shaping them. However, slight modifications are fine as long as they don’t play with the shape and width.
Make sure that the shape of the eyebrows suits your face type, as there are different shapes that suit different face structures.
Also you sometimes can use eyebrow pencils to define your thin eyebrows.

Some of these basic steps, when adapted in your daily routine, will help you keep your eyebrows natural, with excellent shape and texture, thus enhancing your beauty and glow.

Hope these tips will help you to achieve desired results.

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