Daily dose of style; dressed up denim

Hello guys, happy new weekend, happy Holy Week, though we woke up to sad news today of the bomb blast in Abuja, we pray for the souls of the departed, that they may rest in the blossom of The Lord.

This weeks daily dose of style is dressed up denim. We all know that denim is a staple peace every one has in their wardrobe, and it's your go-to "when in doubt " outfit most times, because it's easy to throw on. But denim is also cute when dressed up, thus here are a few style inspirations for dressing up your denim....

Throw in a jacket to make your corporates look more casual, but leave On the heels to keep it dressed up


Accesorize heavily with loud or colorful accessories 

Classy chic

Monochromatic schemes... 
 There are loads of ways to dress up denim.... But these are a few, any suggestions?