Trend alert: floral prints

Examining the evidence, it’s obvious that florals have come a long way since the Magnum P.I. days of garish Aloha numbers. Bloom prints are an effective way to add interest and vivacity to a traditionally bland menswear colour palette – how much fun can you really have with just solid tones?

Long seen as the domain of the fairer sex and indigenous tribal cultures, floral motifs have been shunned by western men in the past due to their perceived femininity and conspicuous nature.

In today’s globalised world of fashion, perceptions can change in an instant; with the traditional ideals of dressing frequently challenged and a new modern man eager to embrace fresh concepts.

The floral revolution in menswear is the perfect case in point. Following designers’ proclivities for ethnic-inspired prints such as Navajo, Kente and Batik, it was only a matter of time before florals made their presence felt in menswear.

But how does the everyday gent work the look into his wardrobe without looking like a walking greenhouse, or undermining his masculinity?  

Well here are a few fashion inspiration...
What do you say to florals... TO BE OR NOT TO BE? LoL