Fashion and seasons

Yes in nigeria we have just two seasons, dry season and rainy season,  in the fashion world, we also have two major seasons Fashion week happens twice a year in the major fashion capitals of the world: Paris, Milan, New York and London. 

In this part I'll explain the four seasons spring, summer, autumn (also known as fall) and winter

When we go through the different changes in the four seasons we experience different daylight hours.  

Spring is the very first season we come to each new year. Spring starts March 21 and goes up to late June.  Theclimate during this season is very unpredictable.  It goes back and fourth from being cool to warm. We have had quite a bit of rain this month.  Spring is a very prettymonth because the trees and flowers are starting to bloom.  With Springwe also see all the animal coming out of hibernation.


Summer starts on June 21 and goes up to late September.

Summer is the hottest season out of the four to people living in the temperate zones. Summer is where we have our longer days, because of Earth's position inorbit. The Sun tends to be up for longer hours and the farther north of the equator you go the lower in the sky it will appear.  Summer is a very fun season with vacations from work and school. Most people enjoy the sun and participate in outdoor activities such as swimming.  Summer is also a time to mow your lawns and garden!


Autumn in Kansas begins on September 22 and goes up to the later part of December.
Autumn is a time where the leaves are falling downfrom the trees.  The climate is changing from warm to cool. In the southern hemisphere they would be experiencing spring time! This season is also called fall


Winter begins December 22 and goes up to March 22. Winter is the coldest and darkest season of the four in Kansas.  Why we experience this change is because the northern hemisphere is tilted away from the sun, causing the days to be shorter and rays to be less direct. This results in colder weather.  Winter is the time we see snow, ice, and animals going into hibernation.  In winter we also see the flowers and trees to dormant. In the southern Hemisphere Winter begins on June 22 and ends around September 23.