How to be stylish

Hey Divas, I am answering one important question for you – How to be stylish? Read the text below and you will find the answer! Being stylish is not as simple as spending large amounts of money on designer brands and keep up with the trends. To create your own style just have an eye for detail and a little creativity. The golden rule of fashion is to appear effortless without seeming fake or forced. If you feel comfortable and safe that is!

 TIPs: How to be stylish girl ?
1. Find out what suits you!

It is very important to know what kind of clothing matches perfectly with you. Do not be afraid to try something new something you have never used . New colors, will help you determine your own style.

2.  Start with safe combinations

If you are not very sure about the right combinations , the best option is the classic variations : black combinations , black and white, gray-white . Also check that the colors and style of clothes fit . Do not overdo with unnecessary details to a perfect match. When in doubt keep it simple.

3. Think of the impact

There is always one thing in your outfit that makes it unique . A belt , a scarf or anything you want to customize your dress will look completely different and unique.
And with these few points of mine, I hope I have been able to confuse you and not to convince you that being stylish isn't rocket science
From VSOC! Have a blessed day