How To Choose Designer Shoes Online

More often than not, Brand New shoes cause blisters on our feet.This happens even though the shoes seemed extremely comfortable when they were bought.Blisters mainly occur because new shoes are rigid. Especially, when the shoes are closed at all sides, such as women's pumps, they tend to form sweat.They rub against the vulnerable areas of the feet and cause friction.As a result, blisters form on our ankles and toes making it very difficult and painful to walk.However, this lasts until normal wear and tear stretches it to accommodate your feet comfortably.This might take several days to take place.But certain prevention can speed up the process for your convenience:

1. Shoe bites can either cause awful blisters or in some cases water blisters.Therefore, in order to avoid getting infection, apply antiseptic cream as often as possible.This will help the bruises heal faster.

2. In case, it is a water blister, equal amount of precautions must be taken. Medical experts believe, that water blisters should not be punctured or the skin be removed.This would expose the bruise to infection.Unless it is absolutely necessary, use a sterilized needle and cotton to puncture the water blister.

3. Keep the blisters covered with band-aids every time you step out of the house. It will protect them from getting harmed any further.However, when you are at home, leave it open so that the air dries it up quickly.

4. Next time when you wear the same sandal wear it with a protective pads on the affected areas to prevent any more friction.