Dylon Denim Explosion!

Last year as part of my course, we were required to create an outfit made mostly out of denim, completely hand dyed with Dylon dyes. The theme for last year was a mixture of 60's pop art with the 70's 'hippie influences'. All our fabrics had to be hand printed and dyed in a creative way that added texture and depth to the fabric. 
The tropical floral print on the dress was screen printed on using the CMYK technique. The heaxagonal print on the bodice was screen printed on in the orange, and then hand painted for the rest of the colours. The side of the bodice was hand painted with a mixture of Dylon dyes and printing inks. Through this concoction I created a cool palm tree design with a feathery look. The texture on the peplum and jacket was screen printed on. 
I developed the pattern from a size 8 bodice and dress block. 

Check out the video for more pictures!!