5 Ways to wear Stripes Cloths

Stripes have been around for the longest time and they’re one of the classiest lines to have ever graced the world of fashion. They’re classy, and when worn, they can make you look like a legend. But legends don’t come so easily because owning stripes is one thing, wearing it right, is another. And we’d rather groove to The Jailhouse Rock as opposed to using it for inspiration. Here are a few must-read tips that’ll help you wear your striped shirt right!

1) The Long and Short of it
Almost everyone swears by vertical stripes, and they’re right... to an extent. Vertical stripes slim you down and add inches to your height instantly. However, if you’re unusually tall, it’s best to opt for horizontal stripes. But, vertical stripes work fabulously well if you have an average height. Additionally, in case you’re broad, vertical stripes will help you look slimmer and leaner, and that’s always a positive.

2) How Thick is that Stripe?
Now that you know which stripe to buy, it’s time to consider the width or weight of your stripes. Thick stripes work well on t-shirts. Conversely, shirts with thick stripes are sure shot fashion disasters and you shouldn’t touch them with a bargepole – unless you want to inspire an escaped convict.

3) Contrasting Colors? No way!
Color is an important aspect on wearing your stripes right. Never, and I repeat, NEVER wear your stripes with contrasting colors. Contrasting colors are colors that are opposite one another on the color wheel. So you need to stay away from combinations such as red and green, blue and orange, purple and yellow/orange. In case you’re wearing a striped t-shirt, you can team it with denims or knee-length shorts, depending on the occasion and look you’re aiming for.

4) A Stripe on a stripe
Fashion purists may balk at the idea of teaming your striped shirt with pinstriped trousers, but times have changed and so has fashion. Now, team your striped shirt with pinstriped pants and you’ll create quite a rage.. in a good way, of course. Better still, in case the occasion and temperature permits you to, team your striped shirt with pinstriped trousers and a pinstriped jacket. The jacket and trousers ought to be part of the same set, of course, and if they’re tailored as they’re meant to be, the stripes with form a connecting line.

5) Gloving your Feet
Now that we have your stripes down to a tee, there’s one seemingly tiny bit you simply have to pay attention to – your socks! Most men take this item of clothing for granted, but trust me, when you meet discerning, fashion-conscious people, they will look you up and down, and if you don’t want them staring down at you – figuratively and literally – you better nail your socks.