Rock the Look: Katy Perry's 1940's Hair

Fekkai Celebrity Stylist Renato Campora was inspired to create a 1940’s look after seeing Katy’s Atelier Versace dress.  The final hairstyle can be described as a modern take on 1940's Hollywood.

Rock the Look:

  • Renato began by creating a side part to the wet hair. He applied Fekkai Full Blown Mousse throughout the hair to build a strong and reliable base. 

  • Renato then blow-dried the hair using a round brush. Once the hair was completely dry, he used a ½ inch curling iron to add shape. 

  • After letting the curls cool off he allowed the curls to set for 15 minutes and then brushed through the hair. Renato used Fekkai Sheer Hold Hairpsrayto secure the look, adding a lasting finish and shine. 

  • To create the final touch, Renato took a one-inch strand of the hair and pinned it back with a vintage hairpiece, securing it with a bobby pin.

Katy rocked a matching parasol and added a cute little flowery thing in the side of her hairdo.  

Later in the night Katy was seen sporting a whole new outfit and a yellow cube on top of her head, I know the person sitting behind her was pissed off!  

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