Before you Color: Hair Color Tips

Whether dying your own hair or getting it done by a professional, there are essential tips to note before dabbing on that color— for a whole new you. Achieving the perfect shade requires the right tools and knowledge.

Avoid DIY Disasters

DIY kits, though convenient and fairly easy, can be very tricky when it comes to color selection. If you are going for a drastic change—light to dark or vice versa—go to a professional! If you plan to dye your hair at home, go no more than one or two shades lighter/darker. What you see on the box may not necessarily appear on your locks. To be safe, test the color. Collect hair from your hairbrush and test it, prior to dying your whole head.

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Maintain Your Shade

Before choosing your color, there is an important factor you may not consider—maintenance. Going more than a few shades lighter/darker? If so, plan to spend time and money maintaining your locks. Coloring may need to be touched up every three to eight weeks, depending on hair growth. Since it is hard to hide those roots, if you can’t afford the time and costs, try highlighting your hair a shade lighter giving it a natural look even when your roots begins to grow out. Apparent roots are a big hair color no-no!

Color Control

Correcting a bad dye job should be left to the professionals. If you have not achieved the results expected with a DIY kit, drop that box! Do not try to correct the problem yourself. Dabbing another color on top can lead to an even bigger mistake and worse—lead to damaged hair. When in doubt, seek professional help. A professional has the experience and knowledge to quickly fix your hair. Trying to save money could actually end up costing you more.

Safe Products

You have the perfect summer blonde locks. To keep it that way, avoid using spray-on/leave-in products that further lighten your hair. They may cause damage and discoloration. Do not use products containing bleach. Also, be sure to cover your hair in the sun to protect your locks. Opt for a cute hat or scarf to keep your color lasting longer.

Consider Skin Tone

Take recommendations from the expert when it comes to getting your hair professionally dyed. A professional colorist will assist you in choosing the best shade for your coloring. How can you determine your tone? If you have fair skin, with pink or blue skin undertones, you most likely have a cool shade. If you are olive or dark, with yellow or golden skin undertones, you most likely have a warm shade.

Information courtesy of Barbara Abbasi, Professional Hair Stylist,, and the Founder of the Ferrum Professional Styler,