Style Icons Part 1 - The Past

The most famous style icon, Coco Chanel said: ˝ Fashion passes, style remains ˝ and that well-known quote, inspiration me for this article. Over the past few decades we have seen a handful of fashion icons that have attracted attention with their clothing or distinctive characters.
These days we have fashion icons everywhere, and to me the most interesting are theones from the past and whose creations come to life today, especially these three fashion icons.

Edie Sedgwick

In 1960-ies Chuck Wein helped Edie Sedgwick to become famous it girl of the New York underground scene. After she met Andy Warhol at a party, he was fascinated by her appearance and they become good friends. Edie appeared in his film Vynil, and then Warhol offered her roles in films Poor Little Rich Girl, Kitchen, Beauty No.2 ... and Edie was called Factory Girl. After she met Warhol she cut her hair and her pretty face even more came to the fore. Edie loved big earrings, which reached her shoulder and that was her trademark. Each combination she would complement with fur jacket and with large sunglasses. She wore a thick line and big lashes on her eyes. Edie was the first unisex model type, and she was hired by Betsy Johnson. Everyone sad that Edie had only three love in her life, and that was Andy Warhol,
Bob Dylan and the drugs that killed her 1971, when the fashion icon was only 28 years.

Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn was known for many things: an extremely talented actress, a great humanitarian and a true fashion icon whose impeccable style is a great inspiration for many designers. When he first appeared on the scene she was noticeably different from other girls in the world of fashion and acting, but her charm and beautiful, interesting face brought her to the top of Hollywood where she won the Oscar for the film Roman Holiday. Her unmistakable style is remembered by A cut dresses, tight black pants length 7 / 8 and timeless black ballet shoes that Audrey loved. In the first scenes of the film Breakfast at Tiffany's Audrey stands in front of Tiffany's window in a black dress with a series of pearl necklaces around her neck. It is precisely that black dress, designed by Audrey's friend Hubert de Givenchy, become a mandatory piece of clothes in the closets of women around the world. Besides fashion combinations Audrey had a great personality and broad smile that she always wore on her face. Audrey's make up was very simple and classic, just a line on the upper eyelid and a large lashes that Audrey always wore. Audrey devoted to humanitarian work after her great acting career,
and she left us in 1993 when she lost her battle with colon cancer.

Marilyn Monroe

Many people, when we mention Marilyn Monroe, remember the term sex bomb, her curves and red lips, but Marilyn was much more than that. She was born as Norma Jean Mortenson, and spent her childhood moving from one foster family to another and so constantly, until she married James Dougherty and broke a series of moving. A few years after she married him, Norma Jean was spotted by a fashion agent who offered her a job and shortly after that she changed her name to Marilyn Monroe and fashion icon was created. Marilyn was a really talented actress who is her film career made many movies that were extremely successful. For the film Some Like It Hot, Marilyn won a Golden Globe, and this film was named one of the best films ever made. In the fashion world she become famous for her tight dresses that emphasized her curves and white dress that was in the movie The Seven Year Itch. She is also famous for lips covered with red lipstick that were her trademark and classic pinup make up. Even though many people felt she was stereotyped blond, Marilyn wasn't that, which proves her diary which was found after her death in 1962 year, which was a consequence
of poisoning by tablets Marilyn took to cover the depression.

What are your favorite fashion icons? Do they inspire you?