Beauty tricks every woman would try!

It is a fact that being a woman is not at all easy and that they always must pay more attention to their appearance. But if they follow the suitable beauty tricks, their life could be much more easier. That is why we are here to help you with some advises. Below you will find Beauty Tricks That Every Woman Must Know.

Take a look at them and see if you have already known them. If not, now is the time to start using them, to make your life easier. Enjoy!

Use Baby Powder For Thick Lashes

There is no need for you to wear false lashes anymore in order to achieve the full look. You can achieve the desired look by applying  a baby powder with a Q-tip on your lashes, after you have applied a coat of mascara. After that, apply another coat of mascara and your lashes are ready to go.

Run Your Mascara Wand Under Hot Water For Better Application

If you want to get the most of your mascara, the best way is to run your mascara wand under hot water until the wand is clean. After that simply dip the wet mascara wand in the tube and rub it against the inside walls of the tube. You can then easily apply your mascara.

Keep Lipstick Off Your Teeth

Nobody wants to smile and have a lipstick on their teeth. So the best way to keep your lipstick of your teeth is to stick your finger in your mouth and just pull it out.

Heat Your Eyelash Curler with a Hair Dryer

In order to curl your lashes easier, heat your eyelash curler with a hair dryer just before you curl them or straighten them too,,. If you have lashes that are curly and unruly like mine

But if you do not have a curler or a blow drier, use a spoon!

You can also run the spoon in hot water and use it to straighten out your lashes

Fuller Lip Effect

If you want to achieve the fuller lip effect follow the following tutorial.

These are just a few tips..,, which would you try?