Tips and tricks to getting fuller eyelashes and getting the best out of your mascara

I always think it’s important to make your eyelashes look longer and fuller when applying makeup. Thick, long eyelashes help to make the eyes look more alert. Plus, long eyelashes bring attention to the eyes which is my favourite feature on people! To help make one of your best assets shine, here’s a few tricks to make your eyelashes look longer. 


One way to make your eyelashes look longer and fuller is by using an eyelash comb. I like to use a comb twice during my makeup routine. First, I like to comb my lashes before I curl them with an eyelash curler therefore my lashes won’t be clumped together. Second, I always comb my eyelashes a few minutes after applying my mascara to get rid of any clumps and help spread my eyelashes out.
It really comes out looking neat


A quick trick to help your lashes look longer and fuller is using an eyelash curler. Typically, I curl my lashes before applying mascara (never curl your eyelashes AFTER applying mascara since you run the risk of accidentally pulling out your eyelashes). However, for the days I’m feeling lazy or am just doing a quick errand and don’t want to apply mascara, I curl my lashes so they look longer as well make my eyes look bigger and more alert. Be careful though, these are tricky to use


A lot of the times, especially during the first few uses of a new bottle of mascara, the mascara wand has an excess of mascara on it. Before applying any mascara on, wipe the wand to get rid of at least 80% of the product. Surprisingly, you don't need a lot of product on the wand to get full lashes. Instead, too much product on the wand will give a clumpy or messy application.


In the morning especially, we’re all in a hurry or too tired to have the patience to apply mascara slowly. However, quickly running a wand through your lashes will result in a messy or clumped look. On the other hand, taking a few extra seconds to apply mascara slowly to make sure that all your lashes are being coated and none of them are sticking together will make your lashes look softer and cleaner.


Over the years you might have found a few different mascaras that you liked because they added length or volume to your lashes but not both. If you still haven’t found the right mascara that gives you all the results that you would like to see, don’t be scared to double up your mascara. Use a couple coats of your favourite mascara for lengthening and a couple more coats from your favourite mascara which adds volume.


Tightlining is the technique of applying eye liner (usually waterproof, pencil eye liner) to your upper waterline. This is done to give the appearance of a fuller lash line. When tightlining, use an eye liner that is the same colour as your mascara. For example, many women with brown or blonde hair use brown mascara to have a more subtle look – in that case make sure you use a matching brown eye liner.


Another trick to get a fuller looking lash line is by using eye liner on the lash line. Whether you use a small amount of eye liner to smudge along your lash line or go for a more dramatic look with a winged look, using eye liner on your lash line will fill in any sparse gaps between the lashes. 

Making your eyelashes look longer and fuller is easy and can be done at home. Now you don’t have to resort to expensive treatments like lash inserts or prescriptions for fuller lashes. What are other tricks to make your eyelashes look longer and fuller?