Ways to Look Curvaceous and Sexy

If you have a slender or rather petite figure and desire to look more curvaceous, you can easily follow these few simple steps for an enhanced and glamorous appearance:

Accentuate your busts- For a more curvaceous look, you can always wear supportive padded bras. In fact, push up bras also looks excellent. You can also accentuate your looks by wearing a curvy neckline. Moreover, you can always team up your dress with an exquisite neck piece. This will create a gorgeous effect.

Waistline- For a perfect waistline, you can always wrap up bright colored scarves or team up your dress with a bright contrasting belt. You can also choose to wear tight dresses and add a contrasting belt to get an enhanced look.

Fabrics- Women with a slender figure should always go for heavier fabrics. This will help to make their figure more curvaceous and sexy.

Patterns- Avoid wearing plain skirts. Rather, it is always better to stick to pleats. You can also wear denims with back pockets. Padded undergarments are also an effective option.

For a curvier figure, you cannot afford to wear baggy clothes. Rather, it is always better to wear well tailored garments which helps to give a complete and enhanced look.