Pin Up Hairstyles for Long Hair

Pin up hairstyles for long hair are also called as burlesque styles that have been popular since ages. The fact is many women of present age still want to wear classic hairstyles with their modern dresses. This is why pin up hairstyles for long hair are still popular. These hairstyles are not only worn by ordinary women but also by many celebrities. The pin up hairstyles can work best when you want to look prominent among all others. The key to get perfect pin hairstyles is to find such looks that can complement your face.

 Pin up hairstyles for long hair can work well with all the hair types and textures. These long hairstyles can also be made for colored hair. It can be made with short and medium length hair but the best looks can be achieved with long hair. The only requirement of pin up hairstyles for long hair is to get bangs of four inches and the hair must be cut into layers.  Girls must also have some curly hair to support the looks. These curls need not to look natural as they have to be pulled back.There is the need of using styling tools such as curling iron, flat iron and curling rods that can help you in getting perfect pin up hairstyles.

These hairstyles are a good choice for getting vintage and elegant looks for various formal events. The first classic look for pin up style is the French twist that is created by gathering hair at the nape and bringing them together. You need to twist the hair up and lift them up at the top of the head. You will get the French twist after securing the hair with bobby pins. Many celebrities have been seen wearing French twist are red carpet events. The second pin up hairstyle is the formal updo that can be made by gathering hair into a ponytail. The ponytail can then be twisted at the nape and secured with pins.

 Another great pin up hairstyle is called the Pompadour that is created by getting your bangs curled. You can wear a ponytail at the back along with a head band. This style was popular in 1930s but today it is again in fashion.  This hairstyle can be created by separating the front hair into sections of 3 inches. A bubbled is created by gathering the hair at one point that is almost 5 inches away from the scalp. The bubble is then brought at the top of the head. You must make sure that there are no gaps in the bubbles and pin them. Don’t forget to apply hair spray to fix all the bubbles. There are many other pin up hairstyles that can be searched over internet.