Is Luxe Shopping Over?

Is Luxe out?
From New York Magazine
Kelly Cutrone: ‘Fashion Luxury, Forget It. It’s Over.’

Here is her you agree?

Here is what I think is the future: Street life and
life style. Style is in; fashion luxury, forget it. It's over. Gucci, Vuitton,
Hermes ... all those places are really great, go for it. That business exists in
a city called Paris, France. That's where that is. Those businesses will
continue. Retail business, pretty much over. I think people who sell to retail
companies are people who can't afford their own stores. The poor boys — Old
Navy, J.Crew, Gap ... they already knew that and aren't wholesaling. Editorial,
magazine, we are going to say buh-bye to them as we know them. They will still
exist but everything is on the internet.

Meanwhile over at 24/7 wall street we've got an article on 10 brands that will disappear. The demise of Zales has been predicted for years but Moodys?

Will luxe brands be next?

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