What to Use for your Wedding

Your wedding day is by far the wedding day you look most ahead to.

On this day, you are the focal point, and everybody's best desires are directed towards you. Since you are the purpose for the event, it is only right that you put your best dressed foot ahead. We know that men do not obsess over their marriage outfits as much as women do, but it is only sensible that you put in a decent quantity of believed into what you are going to wear. Gone are the times when the marriage outfits was the usual sherwani; now men too are ruined for choice. And we are here to put together all existing choices and bring them to you in one place.
Wedding Collection For Men

1. Sherwani
This is the outfits that men choose for. It is elegant, relaxed and looks excellent on you no issue your body shape. The wide range in shades, suits, styles is adequate and you are free to select as per your choice. Due to how popular and usually worn it is, you will be able to discover one that meets your price point. Right from the affordable to the insanely expensive, from the simple to the fancy – a sherwani will never let you down.

2. Pathani suits
This is an uncommon choice for the groom but a amazing one at that. Pathani suits are regarded to be more informal and easy going. But that does not mean they are any less luxurious. You can wear one that has excellent embroidery, suits well and in a color that meets your skin tone the best.

3. Dhoti-Kurta
For reasons that defeat us, the dhoti-kurta is not a marriage outfits that we get to see often. But we highly consider that this should change. Very few outfits look as stunning as the dhoti-kurta on a man. Team this up with a 'safa' and a dupatta and you cannot probably go incorrect.

4. Bandhgala
Raghuvendra Rathore presented the world to the bandhgala and we are so thankful to him for that. The bandhgala is right next to the tux when it comes to beauty, enhanced taste and complexity. Any groom wearing a bandhgala is a bridegroom who is sharp enough to be grateful for individuality and style. Are you one of them?

So you see, you do not have the go down the defeated track and stick to the standard. Look around, and go for the outfits that shows your personality and choice the best.
(Fashion, MensXP.com)