Find the Perfect Push Up Bra for Your Figure

A push up bra is usually worn to give your otherwise flat breasts a lift in the proper manner so as to get busty and desirable look. Even though it is to accentuate smaller breasts, most women opt for push up bras to get deeper cleavage and look sexy in their dresses. That being said, push up bras should be worn by women have small to medium breasts size. A bigger breasted woman would not need a push up bra for the obvious reasons that she is already busty. However, if you cannot resist the temptation to look even sexier, then go for non-padded push-up bras. It will give you the lift you need without making you look vulgar. Here are some do's and don'ts for lingerie shopping:

1. Even when you buy a standard bra, there are certain things you need to keep in mind. The same goes with your push up bras. Know what size fits you best otherwise there is no point in wearing a push up bra. In case you do not know how to measure yourself correctly, take the help from the store salesperson.

2. Once your bra fits you well, see whether it fits you comfortably. Check whether the bra's under-wire is causing you any kind of irritation or is it hurting you. Only a comfortable push up bra will give you the confidence to carry off a dress well. Plus sized women should opt for non-padded bras with wide straps for support and even distribution of the breast weight.

3. Then, next comes the style of the dress you are wearing; yes you read it right. The dress you want to wear plays a very important role. A push up bra is there to give volume to your breasts thus increasing your cleavage. Only a plunging V neckline can give prominence to such sensuousness. If you have chosen a lovely off-shoulder dress, go for a strapless push up bra.

More or less it depends on you and your inclination when it comes to design and style of the push up bra. If you just want a sexy lift, you can buy you bra accordingly and if you want to rekindle your love life, go for flirtatious lace lingerie.