Lakers Win Again - Riots Begin - Welcome to Los Angeles

WTF is wrong with the men in this city?
After the Lakers pull off a spectacular win against the Celtics
this is what we get and we are the city with the winning team
note the flag being carried by these hooligans

and is this car storm really necessary?
(notice the lack of female involvement)
For the record, in spite of the fact that I've mocked him in the past, I am totally on team Kobe.

but I still have nothing good to say about Tiger and feel sorry for his love child by his porn star

When I was a child we had sports stars that we could look up to like Arthur Ashe.
Now, we professional athletes who can't keep it in their pants.
We live in a world of extremes, where men have either been emasculated or have become hyper male.
With my inner Trad coming out I wonder, what happened to the gentleman
and to the philosophy and practice of good sportsmanship?
Will we ever have another John Wooden?