How To Wear Vintage Estate Jewelry - The Gold Statement Necklace

Well, once I get on a topic I just keep going on and how to wear Beladora vintage estate jewelry. I'm making this my BHB least until the ADD hits in and I go off on some other tangent.
Of course I love to wear Georgian and Art Deco diamonds...who doesn't
But more often I go for big bold statement pieces from the 1960's and 1970's.
Such as this gold and diamond necklace with pendant that was worn this week by Faith Hill
Here I am wearing the exact same necklace. It can be worn long as on Faith Hill or short, as I am wearing it here in this photo. I used the second half of the necklace to wrap double around my wrist as a bracelet. Might I add that the necklace also fits perfectly as a belt.
Here's he detail from
Why so expensive you ask? Simply because there is a lot of gold weight in this piece.
Oh...and did you notice that fox throw that I am leaning against in the photo?
It is the same one from this famous va-va-voom photo of Kate Winslet from Vanity Fair.
Naturally, like the necklace the silver fox made by Frette is for sale...with a matching pillow.
Any offers?